Monday, May 2, 2011

GPS Tracking - LIMO - FLEET - BOATS -

The uses are endless of GPS Tracking Units.  You can monitor your fleet from any computer,  imagine sitting on a beach in Jamaica, logging onto your mapping system and have the peace of mind to know where your entire fleet is, weather your fleet is cars, trucks, limos, boats,  wave runners, any type of asset: bobcat, bulldozer etc.  The list is endless.  Boat and RV rentals are a perfect application for GPS tracking systems.   Every day I get calls and stories from business owners just like yourself, from one vehicle to hundreds, looking for GPS tracking solutions to help businesses cut costly overtime, employee moonlighting, long lunch breaks, all on company time, vehicles and gas.  During challenging economic times it is more important now then ever to monitor and control costs.    Call today to discuss the unit the best fits your needs.   We have nine units to best match your tracking needs!  Call  Karen 262-374-0325