Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vehicle Location

The ability to track a vehicle location is important to the truck rental business or any business with company vehicles.   GPS tracking is a valuable tool to monitor mileage, speed, and location of a rental vehicle.  You can also schedule maintenance alerts for each vehicle.  In the event that a truck is damaged you can review the history of location of the vehicle,  if the truck is in an accident you can see the speed the truck was traveling at the time of the accident.  Another valuable feature is the ability to disable the starter if the truck is stolen or not returned, or you can remotely unlock the doors if the keys are locked inside the vehicle.   The ability to monitor the vehicle location can also help determine return times and if the vehicle can be rented to another waiting customer.   Asset tracking is also available to track car dollies and trailers.   Of course all of our products are offered with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Call me for details.


  1. Great one! This blog has given an enhanced understanding about GPS Vehicle tracking system.
    Thanks for sharing informative blog post.

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  3. That's a great infomation. I have some Motorcycle Trailers and i always worry about those trailers whenever i give them to rent. Now i think i can implement a tracking system on my trailers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. GPS Tracking Software helps companies across North America reduce fleet operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently. So I think this is very important to have a GPS device inside your dashboard.
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