Thursday, March 17, 2011

Advanced GPS Technology helps locate assets

Advanced GPS Technology helps locate equipment or trailers that are moved after hours by an employee doing side jobs or theft.   Monitor movement and track hours, cross check for accounting, and actual job costing.   Eliminate employee mistakes or failure to turn in accurate job tickets.  Units are waterproof, and dust proof.    GPS tracking is more important now that companies are struggling to reduce overtime, side jobs, theft of machinery from job sites, and monitor gas usage.  Advanced GPS technology is now affordable for every budget.  We can now offer equipment leasing for 12 - 24- 36 and 48 months.  Contact me today, your only regret will be that you didn't install GPS tracking units sooner!


  1. GPS tracking is now the crucial fact while running a transport business. I used to track my Motorcycle Trailers by using GPS tracking.

  2. Yes, absolutely right. Gps tracking is very useful in many cases, personal tracking, vehicle tracking or any other real time fleet management. We can ensure personal safety, driver's safety fleet safety by these gps tracking devices. And also we can reduce fuel cost. Anyway thanks for the useful article.

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