Saturday, March 5, 2011

Global Tracking a Snow Plow

GPS  Global Tracking your snow plow fleet can help eliminate drivers doing side jobs for cash.  Let's face it, we know it happens; your gas, your equipment, on the time clock and the driver gets an extra  $25. on the side?    GPS Tracking units pay for themselves the first DAY.    Detailed reports allow you to cross check for billing.  Detailed locate allows you to see which truck is in the area to service a new call in.  Have you ever had an account claim you didn't plow on a certain date??  Detailed GPS Tracking reports allow you to prove your truck was at that location, date and time.  No more invoice disputes, again GPS tracking paying for itself.    Hopefully snow is over for the 2011 Season,  spring is around the corner.  Call me to discuss your vehicle tracking options.  Karen   262-374-0325

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